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What is Sigil Magic? How To Use Sigils?

March 2023 | Steve Travels

Sigils are magical symbols that have been used throughout history. The word "sigil" comes from the Latin word "sigillum," which means seal.

Sigils were traditionally used to represent angels, demons, and other entities for summoning. Chaos magicians have a different approach, they see sigils as a tool to represent their desires and tap into their unconscious mind. Unlike traditional magicians, who use sigils to control external forces, chaos magicians use sigils to gain control over their own psyche.

There are libraries of grimoires that contain pages filled with sigils, but the real power of sigils lies in their ability to tap into the deepest desires of the human mind. You can even create your own sigils...

Are Sigils Good or Bad?

Sigils are generally neutral. They are neither good nor bad. It's similar to how a hammer can be used to create a home or harm another person. Many everyday companies utilize sigils in the form of logos to influence consumer behaviour and increase sales.

Sigils can also be used to promote positivity, like healing or empowerment.

I recommend avoiding using sigils to manipulate or force others to do your will. But ultimately, it's your decision how you choose to use sigils, and you are responsible for the consequences.

How Do Sigils Work?

The creation of a sigil programs the subconscious, like positive affirmations or visualization, and gives us an extra push towards one's goals. Others consider sigils as a way of hacking the universe itself by rewriting the code of reality. At a spiritual level, a charged sigil can become a thoughtform or egregoire, similar to golems in Jewish legend, but in a non-physical, ethereal sense. This concept is similar to organized religion, where gods and demons are thoughtforms that have developed power through worship and imagination.

What Are The Benefits of Sigil Magic?

Creating and using sigils can lead to a variety of positive benefits, including a sense of empowerment and increased responsibility for one's life, a greater awareness of the interconnected nature of reality, enhanced creativity, improved decisiveness and intentionality, and increased motivation. Additionally, working with sigils can deepen one's connection to the divine and the recognition of oneself as a conscious co-creator of one's life. Ultimately, the power of sigils lies in their ability to bring about transformative changes aligned with one's intentions.

Does Sigil Magic Work?

Whether sigil creation works or not is subjective and ultimately up to personal experience. While it may not be for everyone, it's worth experimenting with to see if it resonates with you. To keep track of your progress, creating a sigil journal is a helpful tool. Simply take a sticky note, fold it in half, and write the sigil on one side and its meaning on the other to avoid accidental exposure while flipping through the journal.

Sigils are a simple but effective way to explore magic, and even businesses use them as logos. Why not tap into that power for yourself? Creating a sigil takes just a few minutes, but the effects can be transformative. Simply write out your intention, remove some letters, and turn them into a symbol. Be mindful of your wording to avoid unintended consequences.
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