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Prayers Against Witchcraft: How To Protect Yourself?

October 2023 | Steve Travels

In a world where mystic forces are at play, warding off negative energies or evil intentions is a common practice in many cultures. One such negative force, often feared, is witchcraft. There are various prayers and rituals practiced across different cultures believed to provide protection against witchcraft. In this article, we delve into some of these prayers and additional steps you can take to safeguard yourself from malevolent forces.

Understanding Witchcraft

Witchcraft, is the practice of harnessing supernatural or magical powers and has its roots dating back centuries. The fear of witchcraft led to the notorious witch trials, where individuals suspected of practicing witchcraft were prosecuted. However, it's essential to acknowledge that modern witchcraft is vastly different, with many practitioners focusing on healing, self-empowerment, and working with natural energies.

Prayers for Protection

Various religious and spiritual traditions offer prayers to ward off witchcraft or negative energies. These prayers often invoke higher powers or divine protection.

  1. The Lord's Prayer: Often recited for protection, The Lord's Prayer from the Christian tradition is believed to provide a shield against evil forces.

  2. Saint Michael Prayer: This prayer is a plea to Saint Michael, the Archangel, to offer protection against evil, including any harmful witchcraft.

  3. Hindu Mantras: Chanting specific mantras like the "Hanuman Chalisa" is believed to provide protection against black magic and evil eyes in Hindu tradition.

  4. Islamic Duas: Various Duas (prayers) in Islam are recited to seek refuge from harmful magical practices.

  5. Jewish Prayers: Certain Psalms are recited to ward off negative energies or malicious intentions in Jewish tradition.

Additional Protective Measures

Besides prayers, there are other measures one can undertake to ensure protection from witchcraft or negative energies:

  1. Amulets and Talismans: Carrying amulets or talismans with protective symbols can act as a shield against negative forces.

  2. Smudging: The practice of smudging using sage or other herbs is believed to cleanse spaces and individuals from negative energies.

  3. Salt: Salt is often used in various traditions to create protective barriers against evil forces.

  4. Crystals: Crystals like black tourmaline and amethyst are believed to provide protection against negative energies and witchcraft.


Protection against witchcraft or malicious energies largely comes from a place of belief and faith in higher powers or the effectiveness of protective practices. Whether through prayers or other protective measures, finding what resonates with your belief system and personal experiences is crucial in fostering a sense of safety and spiritual well-being. Through understanding and respect for various spiritual practices and beliefs, one can navigate the mystical realm, armed with knowledge and a shield of faith.