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What is Lilith Sign in Astrology? The Triple Goddess

July 2023 | Steve Travels

What is Lilith in Astrology?

Astrology is a vast field that encompasses many components beyond just the 12 zodiac signs and planets. One such intriguing component is Lilith, often referred to as the 'Dark Moon' or 'Black Moon.' In this piece of writing, we delve deep into the mystery and significance of Lilith Sign in Astrology.

The Mythology of Lilith

Before we discuss Lilith's astrological significance, it's essential to understand the mythology from which it derives. Lilith is a figure rooted in Jewish folklore, presented as Adam's first wife before Eve in some interpretations. According to these myths, Lilith was banished from the Garden of Eden because she refused to be subservient to Adam, asserting her independence and equality. Consequently, she has been symbolized as the embodiment of female rebellion and stands for independence, autonomy, and unrestricted personal freedom.

Astrological Lilith: Black Moon Lilith

In astrology, Lilith is typically referred to as the Black Moon Lilith and is calculated as the lunar apogee. It represents the point in the Moon's elliptical orbit furthest from the Earth. As the Moon’s most distant point in its orbit, Black Moon Lilith embodies the lunar mysteries' farthest reaches and the shadow side of our personalities.

The Significance of Lilith in Astrology

Black Moon Lilith's placement in your natal chart can illuminate the part of you that insists on equality and respect, reflecting where you may feel the primal urge to express your raw, unfiltered nature. It may also point to where you've experienced marginalization or injustice, and consequently, where you fiercely seek fairness.

Lilith’s influence can reveal our repressed desires and show us how we can reclaim our power, especially in areas where we have felt disempowered or overlooked. It nudges us to confront and understand the aspects of our nature that we've been conditioned to hide or suppress, particularly concerning sexuality, ambition, and power dynamics.

Lilith Through the Signs and Houses

Lilith's position by zodiac sign in your natal chart can reveal which qualities you're asked to reclaim and where you need to assert your independence. For example, Lilith in Aries might indicate a need to reclaim autonomy and initiative, while Lilith in Libra may be about asserting oneself in relationships.

Similarly, the house where Lilith resides can signify life's areas where you may feel particularly marginalized and where you're called to reclaim your power. If Lilith is in the 10th House, for example, the person may need to assert their authority or autonomy within their career or public life.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Lilith

Lilith in astrology is a compelling figure, revealing our deepest desires, hidden aspects of our personality, and areas of life where we're urged to reclaim our power. Although her energy can feel intense and disruptive, it also helps us to better understand our innate nature and embrace our authentic selves, moving beyond societal expectations and constraints.

Understanding Lilith's position in your astrological chart can be an empowering and illuminating experience, offering a deeper dive into your individuality, desires, and potential. Lilith teaches us to honor the aspects of ourselves that society may deem unacceptable or too wild and helps us confront, accept, and integrate these aspects, facilitating growth, authenticity, and personal power.