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The Hen with the Golden Eggs - A Brief Review of The Black Pullet

July 2023 | Steve Travels

The Black Pullet: An Enigmatic Piece of Magical Literature

"The Black Pullet," or "The Hen with the Golden Eggs," is a captivating French grimoire that dominated the mystical scene of the 18th and 19th centuries. It's a repository of esoteric knowledge that asserts to instruct the reader on how to perform complex feats such as constructing a homunculus, summoning spirits, and orchestrating powerful spells.

Dual-Themed Structure

One of the intriguing aspects of The Black Pullet lies in its dual-part composition. The first section claims to unveil the clandestine details of the "black pullet." This mythical creature, often depicted as a magical bird, possesses an extraordinary ability to grant wishes, according to the text.

The second segment delves into the enigma of the "red dragon," a potent spirit that, upon being summoned, can be tamed and manipulated by the reader. This division not only adds to the mystery of the text but also makes it an engaging read for those interested in historical magical practices.

Cultural Impact and Linguistic Reach

The Black Pullet holds a prominent place in the annals of European grimoire tradition, which is evidenced by its expansive linguistic reach. The text has been translated into several languages, indicating its widespread influence and enduring appeal among occult enthusiasts across different cultures.

Controversies and Critiques

Despite its historical significance and popularity, The Black Pullet's veracity and authenticity have sparked considerable debate among modern scholars. A portion of the scholarly community contends that the book is more a product of European occult fiction than a reflection of genuine magical practices.

This school of thought sees the grimoire as an amalgamation of the imaginative and creative spirit of the European occult tradition, rather than a tome based on authentic esoteric knowledge. They argue that the book's ostentatious claim of wish-granting birds and controllable spirits hints at fantastical exaggeration rather than practical magic.

Alternatively, there are critics who propose that The Black Pullet is an elaborate hoax, masterfully crafted to beguile and exploit its readers. This skepticism towards the text is underscored by the lack of verifiable evidence supporting the efficacy of the grimoire's proposed magical practices.

A Remarkable Tome in Western Magic

Despite the swirling controversies, The Black Pullet stands as an extraordinary literary piece in the history of Western magic. Its distinct dual-themed structure, coupled with the allure of the occult practices it claims to elucidate, has ensured the grimoire's status as an influential and intriguing work. Regardless of the debates over its authenticity, the text has indubitably left a lasting imprint on the fabric of magical literature.

This review neither confirms nor denies the truth of The Black Pullet's claims, but it does acknowledge the undeniable charm and intrigue that continue to surround this unique and provocative work of esoteric literature.