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The 5 Best Numerology Books: A Definitive Guide for Practitioners

September 2023 | Steve Travels

Numerology is a fascinating discipline that delves deep into the significance of numbers in our lives, much like astrology. It begins with the sum of the digits of your birth date, which are added together until they yield a single figure between one and nine. This foundational number is believed to reveal crucial insights into your life's destiny and challenges. Similarly to astrology, numerology posits that your birthday can offer essential clues about your personality and various aspects of your life.

Within the framework of numerology, each life-path number carries its unique set of strengths and weaknesses, often referred to as the number's positive expressions and shadow sides. When life is harmonious, you'll likely resonate with your number's positive traits. However, during turbulent times, you might struggle with the darker aspects linked to your life-path number. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, the books listed below can offer invaluable insights into both the luminous and shadowy facets of numerology.

1. Numerology The Complete Guide Vol 1 by Matthew Goodwin (1981)

Numerology: the Complete Guide : Volume 1: the Personality by Goodwin 1981  | eBay

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

This volume serves as one of the best numerology books for beginners. Matthew Goodwin provides a thorough introduction to the subject, making it highly accessible to anyone starting their numerology journey.

Why It Stands Out

  • Comprehensive explanation of core concepts
  • Perfect for those new to numerology

2. Cheiro's Book of Numbers (1921)

Cheiro's Book of Numbers by Cheiro

The Classic That Stands the Test of Time

Cheiro, a renowned numerologist of his time, wrote this masterpiece almost a century ago. Despite its age, it remains one of the top numerology books, touching on the deeper mystical aspects of numbers.

Why It Stands Out

  • Timeless insights
  • Delves into spiritual interpretations of numbers

3. The Numerology of the I Ching: A Sourcebook of Symbols, Structures, and Traditional Wisdom (2000)

The Numerology of the I Ching: A Sourcebook... by Master Alfred Huang, 2000  PB 9780892818112 | eBay

For Those Seeking a Cross-Cultural Perspective

If you're interested in pythagorean numerology books or different cultural takes on numerology, this book is for you. It blends the ancient wisdom of the I Ching with numerological insights.

Why It Stands Out

  • Cross-cultural perspectives
  • Merges traditional Chinese wisdom with numerology

4. Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance (1895)

Number in Scripture : Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance  (Paperback) -

A Biblical Perspective on Numerology

This classic book explores the concept of numbers within a spiritual and Biblical context, making it one of the books about numerology that offers a religious perspective.

Why It Stands Out

  • Spiritual and religious aspects of numerology
  • Offers interpretations based on Biblical scripture

5. A Manual of Occultism by Sepharial (1911)


A Comprehensive Exploration for the Serious Student

Rounding out our list, this book is not just one of the best books on numerology, but also a general manual of occultism. It covers various facets of the esoteric arts, including numerology.

Why It Stands Out

  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Goes beyond just numerology


In conclusion, numerology is far more than a contemporary fad; it's an ancient mystical science deeply rooted in traditions that span civilizations from ancient Egypt, Sumer, to India. The universal language of numbers has been used for millennia to decode the divine forces in nature. It was Pythagoras, the renowned Greek philosopher and early mathematician, who took this understanding a step further. Around 2500 BC, he taught that everything in the universe, even planets, vibrates at its unique frequency. Although cloaked in legend, Pythagoras is credited with pioneering advancements in mathematics, geometry, and even the development of Western music, thanks in part to the sacred knowledge he acquired during his travels to Egypt.

numerology book cover

Today, modern numerology serves as a potent self-help tool, offering invaluable insights and directions in navigating life's complexities. Whether you are new to the subject or a long-time enthusiast, these books can help deepen your understanding of numerology's profound philosophy—that all things, including humans, carry unique vibrations. If you're keen to explore these classics, you'll be pleased to know that all of the books discussed in this article are available in The Lost Book Project Numerology Collection, which features 11 classic books about numerology. Dive into this treasure trove and embark on a transformative journey of numerical discovery.