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Tantric Touch: Mastering and Understanding the Technique

August 2023 | Steve Travels

The world of touch therapy offers a myriad of techniques, but none is as profound and transformative as the tantric touch. Rooted in ancient traditions, it stands distinct in its philosophy and application, challenging and healing our deep-seated notions about pleasure and intimacy.

The Philosophy Behind Tantric Touch:

Tantric touch isn't just a physical act but an embodiment of philosophy. Unlike traditional touch therapies focused on relaxation or muscle alleviation, tantric touch stirs the life force energy, or "kundalini". The goal is to channel this energy, leading to heightened awareness and a deepened connection between partners.

Tantric Touch vs. Conventional Touch:

  • Touch for Pleasure: Unlike most touch therapies aimed at comfort or relaxation, tantric touch is exclusively about pleasure. This challenges societal norms and personal conditioning that often label pleasure-seeking as taboo or indulgent.

  • Beyond Dualities: Where most therapeutic massages exclude breasts and genitals, in tantric touch, these intimate parts can be included, emphasizing the notion of union beyond dualities.

  • Energy Exchange: Tantra believes we are vibrating energy bodies. The pleasure experienced in tantric touch is the movement of this energy between giver and receiver, blurring boundaries and deepening connections.

Setting the Atmosphere:

Establish a space free of distractions. Soft lighting, calming music, and aromatic candles can enhance the experience. Initiate with deep breathing or meditation to ensure both giver and receiver are relaxed.

Challenge and Heal with Intention:

For many, pleasure is linked with guilt or shame due to societal, cultural, or religious conditioning. By setting a clear intention of providing touch for sheer pleasure, tantric touch can be a therapeutic experience, challenging these subconscious barriers.

Technique and Conscious Touch:

  • Presence Over Technique: Unlike other forms, tantric touch stresses being present in the moment more than applying a specific technique. The touch is more about exploring rather than manipulating the body.

  • Guidelines for Touch: Start by centering yourself. Your palms and fingertips are potent energy-giving centers. Imagine a white light emanating from your heart, through your arms, and into your hands, touching your partner. Mix up techniques like static touch, moving touch, vibrating, scratching, tapping, squeezing, and more, alternating between soft and firm touches.

  • Breathing: Encourage your partner to breathe as if they're drawing love from their surroundings, immersing their body in it.

The Active Role of the Receiver:

Tantric touch is a two-way street. The receiver isn't passive; they actively open themselves to the touch, surrendering their mind and embracing the sensations, whether they're of pleasure or deep-seated emotions.

Communication is Key:

Before commencing, it's crucial to discuss and agree upon boundaries, ensuring an atmosphere of safety and respect. Eye contact, a significant component of communication, also acts as a conduit for energy exchange.

Beyond Physical Pleasure:

Tantric touch, even when involving the genitals, isn't aimed at orgasm or completion. It’s about being present, giving space to emotions, pleasure, and any thoughts that may arise, leading to a profound self-awareness. This touch teaches us to extend pleasure, devoid of judgment, and to relish it for its intrinsic value.


Tantric touch is more than just a massage technique; it’s a transformative journey. It melds energy, intention, and conscious touch to offer an experience that not only brings pleasure but also challenges societal norms and personal barriers, leading to profound healing and connection. Embracing this touch is to welcome a deepened understanding of oneself and one's partner, setting the stage for unparalleled intimacy and spiritual growth.