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Scary Storytime - 3 Stories For Kids This Halloween

September 2023 | Steve Travels

Scary Storytime - 3 Stories For Kids This Halloween

When the leaves turn orange, and the nights grow longer, there's a palpable magic in the air that beckons us to gather around and share tales of mystery and wonder. Halloween, with its playful mix of spookiness and fun, is the perfect time to delight our young ones with tales that send a shiver down the spine, yet end with a chuckle or a smile. "Scary Storytime - 3 Stories For Kids This Halloween" is tailored for little ears, offering just the right amount of eerie intrigue without the nightmares. Coupled with book recommendations, this guide ensures that this Halloween, your storytelling will be a treat, not a trick!

1. The Disappearing Shadow

In the quaint and peculiar town of Shadowsburg, life had a unique quirk. Every inhabitant, from the eldest to the youngest, had a shadow that loyally mirrored their every move, as if sharing a secret dance with them. Children would often play games with their shadows, trying to outpace or out-jump them, but the shadows were always right there, keeping step.

One fateful morning, little Emma, a sprightly girl with a penchant for twirling, woke up to a bewildering sight. Her loyal shadow, which had always been at her heels, was conspicuously absent. The spot beside her bed, where her shadow would mimic her sleepy morning stretches, lay stark and empty. Emma searched high and low - under her bed, behind curtains, and even in the attic. But her shadow was nowhere to be found. A mild panic began to rise within her.

However, as the day progressed, Emma began to pick up on faint, mischievous whispers. They seemed to be carried by the wind, coming from the dense woods surrounding Shadowsburg. Drawn to these whispers, Emma ventured into the forest. As she delved deeper, the trees opened up to a moonlit clearing where a magnificent spectacle awaited her. Shadows from all over town were gathered there, swirling, dancing, and playing in a harmonious ballet.

And there, in the midst of them all, was her own shadow! It was practicing an intricate dance move, different from their usual morning routine. As it turned out, Emma's shadow wanted to surprise her with a new dance on her upcoming birthday. Overwhelmed with relief and joy, Emma stepped into the clearing, and to the astonishment of all the shadows, she began to dance.

From that magical night onwards, every morning without fail, Emma and her shadow would share their special dance, a beautiful reminder of their unbreakable bond and the enchanting secret of Shadowsburg.

2. The Mysterious Pumpkin Patch

In the heart of the small town of Harrowsville, children eagerly awaited Halloween, not just for the costumes or the candy, but for a chance to pick a pumpkin from the legendary Grim's Pumpkin Patch. The sprawling patch owned by the enigmatic Mr. Grim was a marvel, with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and shades of orange. Timmy, an adventurous boy with a sharp, curious mind, had a tradition; every year, he'd pick the most splendid pumpkin from Mr. Grim's collection.

This year, however, as October's chill set in, something extraordinary caught Timmy's eye. Nestled among the regular pumpkins was a peculiar one that glowed, emanating a pulsating, ethereal light unlike anything he'd ever seen. It wasn't just the glow that was unusual; the pumpkin seemed to hum a gentle, beckoning tune.

Unable to resist his curiosity, Timmy chose the glowing pumpkin. Carving pumpkins was his favorite part of Halloween, and this one felt special. But as his knife pierced its skin, a swirling mist erupted, gradually taking the form of a translucent pumpkin-shaped ghost. Timmy stumbled back, but the ghost, introducing himself as Peter, was far from menacing.

Peter told Timmy a tale of magic and mischief. He was once a regular pumpkin but had been trapped by a capricious wizard named Wraithwick who loved playing tricks. This wicked wizard had turned Peter and some others into 'pumpkin ghosts', trapping their spirits within the confines of the pumpkins. They could only be freed if someone carved the enchanted pumpkins, something the fearful townfolk refrained from doing due to the pumpkins' unusual glow.

Realizing that other glowing pumpkins in Mr. Grim's patch contained trapped spirits like Peter, Timmy, with his newfound pumpkin ghost ally, devised a plan. Using Peter's knowledge of Wraithwick's spells and Timmy's resourcefulness, they managed to outsmart the naughty wizard, breaking his enchantment and setting free all the pumpkin spirits.

From that Halloween on, Grim's Pumpkin Patch was not just famous for its pumpkins but for its enchanting tales. Every year, children would gather around, listening in rapt attention as friendly pumpkin ghosts, led by Peter, regaled them with stories from the magical realm. The patch had transformed from a mere pumpkin field into Harrowsville's most magical Halloween destination.

3. The Night the Toys Came Alive

Lucy's bedroom was an enchanting realm of toys. From fluffy teddy bears to intricate dollhouses, her collection was the envy of every child in the neighborhood. Each toy had its special place, and Lucy cared for them with immense love. But she always harbored a playful suspicion: Why did her toys seem so still and silent when the lights went out?

On Halloween night, as the moon cast ghostly silhouettes and the air was thick with magic, Lucy concocted a plan. She'd always heard tales of the supernatural on Halloween - what if her toys were a part of that magic? She decided to feign sleep, snuggling under her blanket with one eye barely open, waiting for any sign of movement.

As the clock struck midnight, an incredible transformation began. Mr. Teddy, the oldest and most cherished of Lucy's toys, was the first to stir. He stretched, looked around, and then, with a gesture of his tiny paw, signaled the other toys. One by one, they all began to come alive! The toy soldiers marched in perfect formation, the dolls twirled in an elegant dance, and the toy cars zoomed around in joyful patterns.

At the center of this magical gathering, the toys were setting up a tiny, festive party. Colorful candy was laid out, and there were miniature games set up in corners. Lucy could hear the faintest melodies playing, the kind of music that can only be heard by those who truly believe.

Mr. Teddy, spotting Lucy's amazed eyes peeking from under the blanket, approached her with a warm, welcoming gesture. "Lucy," he said in a voice as soft as the fluff inside him, "this party is for you. We wanted to thank you for the love and care you've showered upon us."

Lucy, overwhelmed with joy and wonder, joined her toys. They celebrated together, laughing and playing games until the first light of dawn.

As the sun's rays began to peek into the room, the toys returned to their usual spots, becoming inanimate once more. But Lucy knew their secret now. And so, every Halloween night, Lucy looked forward to the magical party, making it an annual tradition. It was her own enchanting secret, a night when her beloved toys came to life to celebrate their bond with her.

3 Spooky Books for Kids:

  1. "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

    • Journey with a mouse through the woods and meet a creature with terrible claws, and terrible tusks in its terrible jaws. This delightful tale teaches kids about bravery and quick thinking.
  2. "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman

    • Coraline discovers a parallel world where everything seems better than her own. But there's a dark secret hidden, and Coraline must use her wits to confront the evil that lurks and save her real parents.
  3. "The Dark" by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen

    • This is a tale about Laszlo, a boy who confronts his fear of the dark. A beautifully illustrated story that assures kids that even the scariest entities can be friendly.

This Halloween, gather the little ones for some spooky tales that are just the right amount of scary. Remember, it's all in good fun, and there's always a light shining somewhere, even in the darkest tales!

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