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Prayers Against Witchcraft - 3 Powerful Prayers to Protect

July 2023 | Steve Travels

Prayers Against Witchcraft

Witchcraft has been a subject of fascination and fear for centuries. While some people embrace the practice for personal growth and spiritual exploration, others view it with suspicion and concern, particularly when it involves malevolent intentions. For those who feel the need to protect themselves from negative influences or perceived attacks of witchcraft, prayer can be a powerful tool. In various religious traditions, there are prayers and invocations specifically aimed at warding off or countering the effects of witchcraft. This article delves into three examples from different religious backgrounds.

Introduction to Spiritual Protection

Before we dive into the prayers, it’s important to understand the concept of spiritual protection. Many believe that through faith and spiritual practices, one can create a barrier against negative energies, including witchcraft. The belief in the power of prayer as a means of protection is common in many religions.

1. Christian Prayer for Protection


In Christianity, there is a strong belief in the power of prayer to provide protection and deliverance from evil. Many Christians who believe in the possibility of witchcraft also trust in the protection offered by their faith in God.

The Prayer

"Lord Jesus, I come before you seeking protection and deliverance from the powers of witchcraft that may be directed against me. I place my trust in your holy name, and through the blood you shed on the cross, I ask for a shield against all evil forces. Surround me with your divine light and let no malevolent influence penetrate my heart or mind. In your mighty name, I rebuke all curses and spells and declare myself free from the bonds of witchcraft. Amen."

2. Islamic Du’a for Protection from Harm


Islam, much like Christianity, emphasizes the importance of prayers (du’as) in seeking protection from harm, including what is perceived as witchcraft or black magic.

The Du’a

"Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma‘a ismihi shay’un fi’l-ardi wa la fi’l-sama’i wa huwa al-Sami‘ ul-‘Aleem (In the name of Allah with Whose name nothing can cause harm on earth or in heaven, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing)."

This prayer is often recited for general protection and can be used to seek refuge from negative influences, including witchcraft.

3. Hindu Mantra for Protection from Black Magic


Hinduism has a rich tradition of mantras, which are sacred chants believed to have spiritual power. Some of these mantras are invoked for protection from negative energies and black magic.

The Mantra

"Om Aayushmaan Bhav Shatroon Shatroon Hoom Phat Swaha (ॐ आयुष्मान भव शत्रून् शत्रून् हुं फट् स्वाहा।)"

This mantra is believed to protect the chanter from negative energies and black magic by invoking divine protection.


Prayers can be a source of comfort and protection for those who believe in their spiritual power. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or from any other faith, the essence of prayer is often the same – a call to a higher power for protection and guidance. However, it is important to approach these prayers with respect for the traditions they come from, and an understanding of the broader context within which they are used.