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Magic Spells Words - Must-Use Magical Words to Cast Spells

August 2023 | Steve Travels


Magic has fascinated humans since the dawn of time. From ancient civilizations to modern pop culture, the idea of casting spells and invoking supernatural powers through words has been a constant theme. This article delves into the must-use magical words, their origins, meanings, and the contexts in which they are used.

The Importance of Words in Magic

The Power of Language

Words are the building blocks of magic spells, serving as more than mere symbols or tools of communication. They channel energy, intent, and emotion, transforming the caster's will into tangible effects. The right words can heal, protect, curse, or love, but choosing them wisely is key to successful spellcasting. In various traditions, the resonance and vibration of certain words or phrases are believed to align with cosmic energies, thereby influencing the world around us.

Ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Celts, understood this connection and used specific language and pronunciation to invoke certain powers. Even in modern Wiccan practices, the careful selection of words, their order, rhythm, and repetition, plays a critical role in spell efficacy. Words become the conduit through which magic flows, bridging the gap between thought and reality. Understanding the history, etymology, and inherent energy of the words used in spells can lead to a more profound and impactful magical practice. Whether whispered or chanted, written or sung, words in magic act as the keys to unlocking a universe of potential.

Sacred Sounds and Vibrations

In many magical traditions, specific sounds or syllables have inherent power. These sounds resonate with the universe's energy and can be used to direct magical forces. This concept can be found in various traditions, such as the use of mantras in Eastern spiritual practices. These ancient sounds and phrases are thought to resonate with the natural frequencies of the universe, allowing practitioners to align themselves with specific energies or outcomes. The notion that language can have tangible effects on reality underscores the mystical connection between sound, meaning, and the world around us.

How Words Can Be Used As Magic Spells

Words in the practice of magic act as bridges between the physical and metaphysical realms, serving to manifest desires and intentions. Crafting a spell with words involves defining an intention, choosing words that resonate with that intention, focusing on pronunciation and rhythm, and possibly incorporating other magical elements like candles or crystals. Examples include using words for healing spells, protection spells, or love spells. The use of words as magic spells taps into an ancient understanding that language is a form of creation, capable of transforming the abstract into the tangible. It's crucial to approach this practice with caution and respect, recognizing the power and responsibility inherent in using words in this way. Whether a novice or experienced practitioner, the art of using words in spells offers a rich connection to a long lineage of magic and wisdom.

Specific Magical Words


Magicians: What is abracadabra? - Quora

Perhaps the most famous magical word, "Abracadabra" has been used in various magical practices and is often associated with stage magic. Its origin is debated but may come from the Aramaic phrase "avra kadavra," meaning "I will create as I speak."

"Hocus Pocus"

This term is synonymous with magic and conjuring. It likely comes from a parody of the Latin words used in the Catholic Mass, emphasizing the mysterious nature of magical practices.


A word popularized in stage magic, "Alakazam" is used to signify the completion of a trick or spell. Its origins are unclear, but it carries a sense of excitement and wonder.

"So Mote It Be"

Ask Solomon on Twitter: "🎵 "So Mote it Be" ⁉️ We have used the phrase 'So  Mote it Be' for 600 years, even though we may not encounter them daily  life. So

Used in Wiccan and other pagan traditions, "So Mote It Be" is said at the end of a spell to seal the caster's intention. It translates to "So may it be" or "So it is."

"Ajji Majji la Tarajji"

An Iranian magic word (Persian) often used to invoke magical power or to cast a spell.

"Jantar Mantar Jadu Mantar"

A common phrase used by magicians in India, especially during magical performances to add flair and mystique.


In Hinduism and Buddhism, "Om" is a sacred sound believed to be the universal vibration. It is used in meditation and rituals to connect with the divine.

"Sim Sala Bim"

A phrase that has been used by magicians as a magic word, similar to "abracadabra." It has its origins in a Danish fairy tale and has been popularized in various magic acts.

"Micrato, Raepy Sathonich"

According to the Semiphoras and Schemhamphorash, a German occult text published by Andreas Luppius in 1686, the words "micrato, raepy sathonich" were the incantation Moses recited to transform his staff into a serpent.

"Izzy wizzy, let's get busy"

And finally, a humorous and whimsical phrase used on The Sooty Show when using Sooty's magic wand, making it part of a lighthearted magical tradition.

Words in Different Magical Traditions

Witchcraft and Wicca

In Wiccan and witchcraft traditions, words are often crafted by the practitioner to suit their unique intention. Rhyming and the use of ancient or sacred languages can enhance a spell's power.


In shamanic practices, words, chants, and songs are used to communicate with spirits, guide healing, or direct energy.


Hermetic traditions often employ words from sacred texts or ancient languages like Hebrew or Greek, imbuing spells with the wisdom and power of the ancients.


Magic spells and the specific words utilized to invoke them are deeply rooted in various traditions and cultural practices. Recognizing and comprehending these essential magical words, their meanings, origins, and applications, can significantly enrich one's magical endeavors. These powerful words, used for purposes ranging from healing and protection to love and self-discovery, not only provide a profound connection to the past but also resonate with the innate mystical energy within each of us. Engaging with these magical spell words offers an opportunity to deepen one's connection to a rich and expansive magical heritage that transcends time and space.