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Is Vabbing Witchcraft? - The New TikTok Trend

August 2023 | Steve Travels

Is Vabbing Witchcraft? - The New TikTok Trend

Ah, TikTok. The app that's single-handedly redefined boredom and given us challenges that range from the hilarious to the plain bizarre. The latest entrant to this wild world? Vabbing. Yes, you read that right. And if you're already raising an eyebrow, hang tight. It gets better (and a bit funnier).

Sniffing Our Way to Romance

Our sense of smell is more than just about avoiding the stinky socks left lying around. It’s directly linked to our mood and emotions. When we smell something, it skips the logical line and heads straight to the emotional epicenter of our brain. You can blame this for your sudden mood shifts when you smell fresh cookies... or something much less appetizing.

Witchy Wonders or Just Another TikTok Quirk?

Enter vabbing. This isn't a typo for "dabbing", though, for some, it might be just as bewildering. The recent TikTok trend of vabbing has got the online globe whispering - is it witchcraft or just another weird quirk? Vabbing or "vaginal dabbing" involves strategically placing vaginal fluid on pulse points, like your wrist or behind your ears, with the aim of drawing a mate closer, like a moth to a...scented flame?

Before we all roll our eyes and chuckle, this isn't some random fad birthed by the depths of the internet. It's an ancient practice re-popularized by the virtual world. And by 'virtual world', we mean TikToker Mandy Lee and others, who swear by vabbing's powerful allure. Some testimonies range from drenched-in-compliments encounters to gift showers. But hold on, before you run to try it, let's dive a bit deeper.

The Pheromone Theory - Fact or Fiction?

Vabbing leans heavily on the science of pheromones, nature’s little aromatic love notes that have been, at least among many species, essential for mating. But us complex humans, ever the exceptions, are still a mystery when it comes to the potency of our pheromones. Our missing link? A functioning vomeronasal organ, the very thing that processes these scents in other animals.

However, renowned relationship expert, Tracey Cox, suggests that while the pheromone magic might be overstated, the psychological benefits are not. Embracing vabbing is almost like giving yourself a pep talk, leading to more confident, flirty interactions. So, even if there's no mystical scent wizardry, you still end up feeling more vivacious and enticing.

Dab Safely, Dab Responsibly

But before you start your vabbing venture, there are rules. Because, let's face it, personal hygiene trumps all:

  1. Cleanliness is Key: Always wash your hands. Before. After. Always.
  2. Protect Your Aura: Keep your vabbed areas away from objects and others.
  3. Gym Etiquette: Wipe down gym equipment – before you use and after.
  4. Health Checks: If you're on your period or have an STI, refrain from vabbing.
  5. The Sniff Test: Dr. Hana Patel reminds us that typical vaginal secretions shouldn't have an unpleasant smell. So, if you notice something fishy (pun intended), it’s time for a doctor's visit.

In Conclusion

While the jury is still out on whether vabbing is TikTok's love potion or just another amusing trend, it’s an interesting (and entertaining) concept. As with everything on the internet, take it with a pinch of salt, a splash of humor, and perhaps a dab of... you know.