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3 Good Luck Spells: Harnessing Fortune's Favor

July 2023 | Steve Travels

3 Good Luck Spells: Harnessing Fortune's Favor

The universe is a vibrant ecosystem of energies and vibrations, each resonating with unique frequencies. Luck is an essential element of this cosmic symphony, and with the right approach, you can align yourself with its rhythm. In this article, we will discuss three good luck spells designed to harness this power and bring an abundance of luck into your life.

Remember, the objective of these spells is to attract positive fortune and not to manipulate fate or infringe upon anyone's free will.

Good Luck Spell 1: New Moon Manifestation

New Moon – the Invisible Phase

The New Moon is a powerful time for setting intentions and manifesting desires. This spell involves harnessing the energy of the New Moon to attract good luck.


  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A small bowl of saltwater


  1. Begin by preparing a peaceful space for your ritual on the eve of the New Moon.
  2. Write your intention or desire on the piece of paper, focusing on what form of good luck you wish to attract.
  3. Fold the paper, then submerge it in the bowl of saltwater.
  4. As the paper soaks, meditate on your intention and visualize it coming to fruition.
  5. Leave the bowl in a space where the New Moon's light can touch it, symbolizing the moon's energy sealing your intention.
  6. By the next morning, dispose of the paper, signifying your intention released into the universe.

Good Luck Spell 2: The Lucky Charm Enchantment

Premium Photo | Burning candle a symbol of the moon an amulet lying on the  moss on a dark natural background pagan wiccan slavic traditions witchcraft  esoteric spiritual ritual for mabon samhain

A physical object often serves as a tangible connection to our desires. This spell involves enchanting a small object to act as your lucky charm.


  • A small object you can carry around (e.g., a coin, ring, stone)
  • A green or gold candle


  1. Light the candle, focusing your mind on the flame.
  2. Hold the object in your hand and visualize it being filled with the energy of luck.
  3. Speak a phrase or affirmation of good luck (for example, "Luck flows into my life in abundance").
  4. Let the candle burn out naturally, solidifying the charm's enchantment.
  5. Carry the object with you or keep it in a safe place where you'll regularly see it.

Good Luck Spell 3: The Doorway of Opportunity

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A door is a powerful symbol of transition and opportunity. This spell uses the symbolism of a door to invite good luck into your life.


  • A doorway in your home
  • A piece of blue ribbon or string
  • An object that symbolizes luck to you (e.g., a four-leaf clover, horseshoe)


  1. Attach your luck symbol to the blue ribbon or string.
  2. Hang this charm on or above the door you use most frequently.
  3. As you pass through the door each day, visualize walking into a wave of positive energy and luck.
  4. Speak an affirmation of good luck (for example, "As I pass through this door, opportunities and luck are drawn to me").

You must remember, that spells are tools to help focus your intentions and harness the universe's energy. Always practice them with a positive mindset and a strong belief in the abundance of the universe. Good luck and happy casting!