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Step into the golden era of cooking with our exclusive collection of books, '21 Best Vintage Cookbooks - Old Recipe Book Bundle'. These aren't just any cookbooks, but a handpicked selection of the best cookbooks of all time. Every title in this collection is a testament to the art and science of cooking, showcasing the rich history and timeless appeal of cookbook recipes that have graced our dining tables for decades. These books collectively in physical form are worth over $1000.

Every page in this collection pulses with flavors, techniques, and ideas that, although born in a different era, remain strikingly relevant today. For those passionate about cooking techniques and flavors, these vintage cookbooks are more than just recipe books – they are chronicles of culinary history, windows into kitchens of the past, and indispensable books for chefs, both seasoned and budding.

From the iconic ‘Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book (1950)’ to the illustrious ‘Mastering The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child (1961)’, each title in this bundle brings a unique flavor and style. Over 10,000 different recipes and meal ideas;

The Full List of Titles Includes;

Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book (1950) ++++++

Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book (1961) ++++++

Woman's Home Companion Cook Book by Dorothy Kirk (1942) +++++

A Treasury of Great Recipies by Vincent Price (1965) +++++

Betty Crocker's Cooky Book (1948) +++++

The Silver Spoon (1950) +++++

The Classic Italian Cook Book by Marcella Hazan (1973) ++++

The Italian Cook Book : The Art of Eating Well by Maria Gentile (1919)

Boston Cooking-School Cook Book by Fannie Farmer (1896)

Mastering The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child (1961)

What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking by Abby Fisher (1881)

Larousse Gastronomique by Hamlyn (1938) ++++++

The Original White House Cook Book by Huge Zieman (1887) ++++

The Southern Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes (1935)

Many Ways for Cooking Eggs by Mrs. S. T. Rorer (1907)

California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook by Bertha Haffner-Ginger (1914)

Pei-Mei's Chinese Cookbook by Fu Pei-Mei (1969)

Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome (Unknown)

The Deaf Smith Country Cookbook: Natural Foods for Family Kitchens (1973)

Kentucky Fried Chicken Secret Col. Sanders Recipes (Unknown)

Betty Crocker’s Pie and Pastry Cookbook (1968)

Each of these carefully chosen titles stands as a testament to the love and dedication of their authors. They provide not only the most loved recipes but also historical contexts, personal anecdotes, and invaluable culinary insights. Whether you're an avid collector of vintage cookbooks, a chef looking to delve into traditional cookbook recipes, or a curious home cook wanting to experience the best cookbooks of yesteryears, this bundle promises an unmatched culinary adventure.

This amazing collection of 21 rare and out-of-print books provide 1000's of pages of facinating content, recipes and compelling illustrations for the reader. All books have been personally reviewed by The Lost Book Project and checked for their authenticity. The Books are presented in PDF format, easy to read on your laptop, tablet and mobile via an instantly downloadable file.


After purchasing, you'll have instant access to download all of the books in this collection. A link will also be emailed to you, allowing you to easily download the PDF files to your laptop or computer, or directly to your mobile or tablet. You can even transfer the files to your Kindle or e-reader, or print the pages using a printer. If you prefer, you can also order these books on a USB device, which will be sent to you in a sleek presentation gift box from the United Kingdom.

This extensive collection has been carefully curated, preserved, and distributed by The Lost Book Project, and is only available here.

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