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A truly remarkable collection, dive into a world of mystery with our captivating book of grimoires, "A Collection of 50 Ancient Magic Grimoires" Compiled together for the first time in one bundle. The collection features significant works including Solomonic Grimoires, Babylonian Magick, studies on Demonology, treatises like Demonomanie, classics like the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Grand Grimoire, Grimorium Verum, among others.

This impressive trove of research material includes 50 rare titles, offering thousands of pages with rich content, captivating illustrations, and lost wisdom dating back thousands of years. Many of these books, aged over hundreds of years, unveil ancient knowledge on these intriguing subjects, making this collection a must-have repository for those passionate about witchcraft, magic spells, and the occult.

Whether you're a scholar of the occult, an enthusiast of historical magic practices, or simply someone fascinated by the mystical, this anthology is a portal to an awe-inspiring realm of knowledge.

The Full List of Titles; (collection highlights in bold)

Arbatel of Magic - Concerning the Magic of the Ancients (1655) *****

The Book of Abramelin (1725) *****

The Black Pullet (Unknown)

Grimoires: A History of Magic Books (2009)

A Handbook of Egyptian Religion (1907)

The Greek Magical Papyri (Unknown) *****

Aryan Sun Myths - The Origin of Religions (1889)

Infernal Dictionary (1818) *****

Egyptian Book of the Dead by Budge E.A Wallis (1963)

Legends of the Gods by Budge E.A Wallis (1912)

Egyptian Magic by Budge E.A Wallis (1890)

Aradia, The Gospel of Witches (1899)

Aleister Crowley's Illustrated Goetia (1904)

Clavicula Nox: Maleficarum Nigra - Magic and Mayhem (Unknown)

Grimorium Verum (18th Century)

The Picatrix The Occult Classic of Astrological Magic Liber (Unknown) *****

De La Demonomanie Des Sorciers (1588)

Book of Black Magic (1898)

The Greater Key of Solomon 1,2,3 (Unknown)

Ars Almadel

Ars Notoria

Lemegeton - The Lesser Key of Solomon Henson

The Grand Grimoire

The Grand Grimoire with The Great Clavicle of Solomon (1521)

Demonology and Devil-Lore Vol 1 and Vol 2 (Unknown)

Babylonian Assyrian Birth Omens (1914)

The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses by Johann Scheibel (Unknown)

Grimoire of Turiel (1960)

Lives of the Necromancers (1834)

Liber Falxifer Vol 1 by N.A-A.218 (Unknown)

Liber Falxifer Vol 2 by N.A-A.218 (Unknown)

On The Operation of Demons (1682)

Papyri Graecae Magicae (1928) ******

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts Critical Analysis - James P Allen (Unknown)

Prayer, Magick and Stars in the Ancient and Late Antique World (Unknown)

Ritos y Mitos de la Muerte

Shams al-Ma'arif - The Sun of Knowledge (Unknown)

The Grand Grimoire Dark Lodge Version (Unknown)

The Worship of the Dead by John Garnier (1904)

This amazing collection of 50 rare and out-of-print books provide 1000's of pages of facinating content and compelling illustrations for the reader. All books have been personally reviewed by The Lost Book Project and checked for their authenticity. The Books are presented in PDF format, easy to read on your laptop, tablet and mobile via an instantly downloadable file.


After purchasing, you'll have instant access to download all of the books in this collection. A link will also be emailed to you, allowing you to easily download the PDF files to your laptop or computer, or directly to your mobile or tablet. You can even transfer the files to your Kindle or e-reader, or print the pages using a printer. If you prefer, you can also order these books on a USB device, which will be sent to you in a sleek presentation gift box from the United Kingdom.

This extensive collection has been carefully curated, preserved, and distributed by The Lost Book Project, and is only available here.

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