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What is a Cosmic Witch? A Specific Type of Witchcraft

July 2023 | Steve Travels

What is a Cosmic Witch?

Cosmic witchcraft, steeped in celestial energy and astrological understanding, is a practice woven with the threads of the cosmos. Cosmic witches harness celestial bodies' unique vibrations and movements in their magical endeavors, creating an intimate bond with the universe's vast tapestry.

Cosmic Witchcraft: Connecting Sky and Earth

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The guiding principle "As Above, So Below," drawn from the Emerald Tablet's ancient wisdom, forms the core foundation of cosmic witchcraft. This concept symbolizes the synchronicity between celestial phenomena and earthly events, reflected scientifically in the shifting tides and changing seasons. Yet, it stretches beyond these observable facets, influencing moods, behaviors, and the potency of magical practices, including spell casting.

Many witches incorporate elements of cosmic witchcraft into their practices, often following lunar cycles or employing astrological energies to amplify their spells. However, embracing the cosmic witch pathway—or assuming the mantle of a star witch—entails a deliberate commitment to understand, connect with, and utilize celestial bodies' energies and their associated deities.

Journey to Becoming a Cosmic Witch

Transitioning into a cosmic witch involves a deeply personal exploration and conscious selection of practices that resonate with you. While no definitive guide to cosmic witchcraft exists, the following suggestions could help you embark on this celestial journey:

Empower Through Education

Ignite your journey by immersing yourself in comprehensive knowledge about cosmic witchcraft. Delve into books, articles, and online resources to expand your understanding. Establishing a personal library of cosmic witchcraft references can serve as a valuable resource in your practice. If possible, find mentors seasoned in the craft who can provide insightful guidance.

Meditating with Celestial Bodies: Deepening Your Cosmic Connection

Meditating with celestial bodies is a fundamental practice in cosmic witchcraft. It is a way to attune oneself to the rhythm and vibrations of the universe, bridging the gap between the earthly and the celestial. By observing, understanding, and meditating with these heavenly bodies, you can build a profound connection with each celestial entity and harness its unique energy.

The Moon: Embracing Lunar Energy

The Moon, our closest celestial neighbor, has long been associated with the divine feminine, intuition, and emotional depth in various cultures. Lunar meditation can enhance these aspects within oneself. Try to meditate during different moon phases—New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon. Each phase carries distinct energies that can be harnessed for specific intentions.

To meditate with the Moon, find a quiet place where you can see the moon clearly, preferably outdoors. Sit comfortably, focus on the Moon, and gently clear your mind. Feel the energy of the Moon washing over you and connecting with your inner self.

The Sun: Invoking Solar Power

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The Sun symbolizes the divine masculine, vitality, and courage. Meditating with the Sun can help ignite these energies within you. Sunrise and sunset, in particular, are powerful times to meditate. As with lunar meditation, find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can see the Sun and sit with its energy.

To tap into the solar energy, close your eyes, face the Sun, and breathe deeply. Visualize the Sun's warm, golden energy flowing into you with each inhale, revitalizing and energizing your body and spirit.

Planets: Aligning with Planetary Forces

Each planet in our solar system holds unique energetic properties. For example, Mars is associated with drive and ambition, while Venus aligns with love and beauty. Conduct some research on planetary correspondences and choose the planet that resonates with your current intentions or goals.

To meditate with a chosen planet, you can use an astrological chart or an app to track the planet's position. Try to visualize the planet and connect with its energy. You might want to incorporate symbols, colors, or stones associated with the planet into your meditation.

Remember, meditation with celestial bodies is a deeply personal practice. As you continue your journey in cosmic witchcraft, allow yourself to be open, adaptable, and receptive. With time, you'll develop a deep and powerful connection with the cosmos that aligns with your unique spiritual path.

Celebrating Seasonal Changes: A Cosmic Connection

One of the most meaningful ways to dive deeper into cosmic witchcraft is by honoring and celebrating the celestial shifts that bring about our earthly seasons. This can include the observance of solstices—the longest and shortest days of the year—and equinoxes—when day and night are of equal length.

Every solstice and equinox carries distinct cosmic energies that correspond to the shifting seasons on Earth. For instance, the Winter Solstice, marking the onset of winter, has a different energetic feel than the Summer Solstice, which heralds the start of summer.

By celebrating these seasonal changes, you not only attune yourself to the rhythmic flow of the cosmos, but also establish a stronger bond with the Earth and the cyclical patterns of life. You may choose to honor these celestial events through ritual, meditation, or by decorating your cosmic altar in a way that reflects the current season.

Equally important are the cross-quarter days, which fall between solstices and equinoxes. These include Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain—ancient Celtic holidays that many modern witches incorporate into their practice. Each of these days carries its own unique celestial and earthly energy, offering further opportunities to deepen your connection with the cosmos.

Crafting a Cosmic Altar: A Nexus for Celestial Energy

Creating a cosmic altar is a beautiful way to further immerse yourself in cosmic witchcraft. It provides a dedicated space for your practice, fostering focus, and representing your connection to celestial energies.

A cosmic altar can be as elaborate or simple as you prefer. Here are some elements you might consider:

Celestial Representations

The heart of a cosmic altar is its representation of celestial bodies. You could include artistic depictions or physical symbols of the Sun, Moon, planets, or stars. These might be photographs, drawings, sculptures, or even found objects such as moon-shaped stones or sun-etched wood.

Astrological Tools

Incorporate tools that aid in your astrological work. This could include star charts, astrology books, or even apps that help track celestial movements. A compass could also be useful to align your altar with specific celestial bodies.

Crystals and Stones

Crystals and stones that resonate with celestial energies can serve as conduits for those forces. Moonstone for lunar energy, sunstone for solar power, or specific crystals associated with different planets can amplify your connection.

Candles and Incense

Candles and incense in colors or scents related to specific celestial bodies can help set the mood for your meditations or rituals. For example, a silver candle or jasmine incense for lunar energy, or a gold candle and frankincense for solar power.

Creating a cosmic altar is a personal journey. Let intuition guide your choice of elements and their arrangement, creating a space that feels aligned with your cosmic focus. Over time, your altar will evolve with your practice, reflecting your deepening connection to the cosmos.


Immerse yourself in cosmic witchcraft by creating rituals and spells that draw on celestial powers. Work in harmony with significant celestial events like lunar phases, planetary alignments, or meteor showers. The power of these cosmic occurrences can significantly augment the potency of your rituals, casting an intimate connection between you and the vast cosmos.

Remember, becoming a cosmic witch is a deeply personal journey, and there's no single path to success. Your journey will be as unique as the stars in the night sky. Trust your intuition, align yourself with the celestial rhythm, and let the universe guide your path.