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Different Types of Witches: Which One Are You

July 2023 | Steve Travels

Types of Witches and Their Witchcraft

Witches and the mystique of witchcraft have been experiencing a resurgence since the mid-20th century, paralleling the revival of other ancient practices such as living in sync with the seasons, moon rituals, and astrology. A quick glance at social media reveals a plethora of posts imbued with witchy flair, shared predominantly by individuals who have embraced and reclaimed the term “witch” with fervor and pride. What becomes immediately apparent, though, is the diversity in the visual elements, practices, and magic these practitioners are delving into. This raises the questions: What are the different types of witches, how numerous are these categories, and how does one embark on the journey of choosing a particular practice?

Introduction to Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a broad term that encompasses a range of beliefs and practices involving the use of magical powers. Throughout history, people have practiced witchcraft for various reasons including healing, protection, and spirituality. The types of witches vary based on cultural, historical, and personal factors.

A witch embodies the wild, unabashed, and sovereign femininity that is deeply anchored in her potency. She orchestrates her life in harmony with the nurturing embrace of Mother Nature and the divine essence of the Goddess. She is in tune with her inner magic, employing it as an instrument to guide, craft, and materialize her desires from the ethereal plane into tangible reality. Her existence is bound by no chains, as she shapes her life according to her own edicts.

A witch is the indomitable spirit that could not be consumed by flames.

Across the globe, women are experiencing an awakening to this hallowed facet of their being, a facet that was suppressed and demonized for ages. There is a stirring, a reawakening to the formidable energy coursing through our blood and pulsating within our core. There is a reclaiming of the essence that has for too long been exiled, as we step into a state of unification and completeness.

Traditional Witch

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Definition and Beliefs

Traditional witches draw their practices from historical witchcraft traditions. They often study and honor the old ways of witchcraft that have been passed down through generations. Their craft may include folk magic, herbalism, and working with spirits.


Traditional witches often use tools such as cauldrons, broomsticks, and wands. They may also engage in rituals based on the lunar cycle and seasonal changes. Herbal magic and ancestral veneration are common elements in their practices.

Wiccan Witch

The problem with the Halloween 'hag' witch – and what you need to know  about real-life witchcraft

Definition and Beliefs

Wicca is a modern pagan, witchcraft religion that emerged in the early 20th century. Wiccans often worship a Goddess and a God, view nature as sacred, and practice magic.


Wiccans observe eight Sabbats, or holidays, that mark the changing of the seasons. They also hold rituals during the full moon and use tools like athames and pentacles. Many Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede, a statement that advises not to harm others through magic.

Hedge Witch

How I Became a Hedge Witch

Definition and Beliefs

Hedge witches are solitary practitioners who often focus on the liminal spaces between the spiritual and the physical world. The term ‘hedge’ refers to the boundary between this world and the otherworld.


Hedge witches often practice herbalism, astral projection, and shamanic techniques. They may communicate with spirits and use divination tools like tarot cards and runes.

Kitchen Witch

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Definition and Beliefs

Kitchen witches focus on the magic of hearth and home. They find sacredness in everyday life and domestic tasks, especially cooking. Kitchen witches likely represent the most prevalent category among contemporary witches globally, as the kitchen realm continues to be predominantly presided over by women who shoulder the bulk of culinary responsibilities.


A kitchen witch may create magical meals by infusing foods with intentions through herbs, spices, and focused energy. They may also create talismans and charms to protect and bless the home.

Green Witch

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Definition and Beliefs

Green witches work closely with nature, especially plants. They often have extensive knowledge of herbalism and the healing properties of plants.


Green witches may grow their own herbs, make herbal remedies, and perform earth-based rituals. They usually celebrate the cycles of nature and may practice outdoor rituals.

Sea Witch

Untwisting the Knotted History of Sea Witches | Ancient Origins

Definition and Beliefs

Sea witches draw their power from the ocean and are often associated with water deities. They may have an affinity for the moon due to its role in influencing tides.


Sea witches use elements like seashells, seawater, and driftwood in their rituals. They may also work with sea deities and spirits.

Dianic Witch

Dianic Wicca - A Female-Centered, Neo-Pagan, Wiccan Tradition

Definition and Beliefs

Dianic witches follow a female-centric tradition that emphasizes the Goddess, often associating her with the Roman goddess Diana. This tradition is particularly popular among feminist witches.


Dianic witches often focus on female empowerment, healing from patriarchy, and the cycles of the female body. Their rituals may be women-only and focus on the stages of a woman's life.

Chaos Witch

Chaos Magick: Sigil of the Gods and the 9 Keys - Chaos Magick - Pin |  TeePublic

Definition and Beliefs

Chaos witches believe in the power of the will to effect change through magic. They often work outside of traditional structures and beliefs.


Chaos witches may use sigils, meditation, and altered states of consciousness to focus their will. They often experiment with different forms of magic and create their own spells.

Which Witch Are You?

I trust that this compilation has laid down a solid groundwork and provided an enlightening introduction to the realm of witchcraft, irrespective of your background or where you currently stand on your path as a witch.

As for my personal affinity? I find that my identity does not conform to any single type of witch enumerated in this list. I lean towards being an eclectic witch, albeit, I am averse to confining labels or restrictions. My practice is an amalgamation of elements drawn from several witchcraft traditions, and it undergoes a continual evolution in tandem with my personal growth.

Before we conclude, it's imperative to emphasize that being a witch is not merely about wielding magical prowess, conjuring spells, or partaking in rituals. It's more intimately entwined with the essence of who you are at your core, at the soul level, and the beliefs you choose to embrace.

Do not perceive my words as sacrosanct. Engage with and have faith in your intuition. Let it be your compass as you delve into this mystical domain and reclaim the term witch.

Which kinds of witchery from this list strike a chord within your soul and ignite a fervor to probe into the depths of witchcraft?