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The 5 Best 90s Witch Movies: A Bewitching Blast from the Past!

August 2023 | Steve Travels

The 5 Best 90s Witch Movies: A Bewitching Blast from the Past!

Ah, the 90s! A decade filled with boy bands, baggy jeans, platform shoes, and some of the best cinematic takes on witchcraft ever produced. From charming enchantresses to teen witches discovering their powers, the films from this era captured the magic of the craft with style, suspense, and a good dose of humor. Let’s hop on our broomsticks and fly back in time to rediscover the top 5 witchy wonders of the 90s.

1. "The Craft" (1996) Tagline: "Welcome to the witching hour."

The Craft (1996) - IMDb

The epitome of 90s teen angst and empowerment, "The Craft" revolves around four high school girls who discover the alluring power of witchcraft. As they delve deeper, they confront the age-old lesson: with great power comes great responsibility... and consequences. With its edgy aesthetic and gripping story, this film remains a cult classic for witch enthusiasts.

2. "Hocus Pocus" (1993) Tagline: "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus!"

Film - Hocus Pocus - Into Film

Who can forget the misadventures of the Sanderson sisters? When these three hilarious witches are resurrected on Halloween night, chaos ensues in Salem. A tale of friendship, bravery, and talking cats, "Hocus Pocus" delivers laughter, music, and spellbinding performances, especially by Bette Midler.

3. "Practical Magic" (1998) Tagline: "For two sisters from a family of witches, love is the trickiest spell of all."

Witchcraft Month: “Practical Magic” (1998) – In Their Own League

Sally and Gillian Owens, played by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, are two sisters bound by a family curse that dooms any man they fall in love with. This romantic comedy-drama tackles love, sisterhood, and, of course, magic with both heart and humor.

4. "The Witches" (1990) Tagline: "Saving the world from witches is a tall order for a boy they've turned into a mouse!"

The Witches' 1990 Review: Why the Anjelica Huston Version Is Worth Watching  - Thrillist

Based on Roald Dahl's classic, "The Witches" showcases the tale of a young boy who stumbles upon a convention of witches. Led by the Grand High Witch (a fabulously terrifying Anjelica Huston), they have a wicked plan for all the children. A blend of dark fantasy and humor, this film is a visual treat.

5. "Teen Witch" (1989) Tagline: "The only thing standing between Louise Miller and the time of her life... is the weirdness of her life."

Teen Witch (1989) | MUBI

Alright, we're cheating a smidge since it's from '89, but how can we leave out "Teen Witch"? Louise discovers on her 16th birthday that she descends from Salem witches and has inherited their powers. High school drama meets magical mishaps in this light-hearted, song-filled movie.

Conjuring the Nostalgia: A Magical Era

The 90s was not just a time of dial-up internet and frosted lip gloss; it was a golden era for witch movies. These films offered escapism, empowering narratives, and most importantly, a sense of wonder. So, next time you're in the mood to conjure some nostalgia, pop one of these gems into the VCR (or, you know, stream it online), light some candles, and let the magic take over!