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Do You Lose Energy After Ejaculating?

September 2023 | Steve Travels

Do You Lose Energy After Ejaculating?


The belief that ejaculation leads to a loss of energy is an age-old concept that has found a home in various cultures and spiritual philosophies. This article will explore the scientific, psychological, and spiritual angles of this controversial topic.

The Physiology of Ejaculation

The Energy Expenditure

Ejaculation is a physiological process that involves the sympathetic nervous system and triggers the release of several chemicals and hormones. While it does consume energy, the amount is not significant enough to cause fatigue in a healthy individual.

Hormonal Changes

Following ejaculation, men experience a surge of prolactin, a hormone responsible for feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. This may give the illusion of energy loss but is a natural part of the process.

The Psychological Aspect

Post-Coital Bliss or Blahs?

Psychologically, the sense of relaxation and mental calm following ejaculation can be mistaken for weakness or loss of energy. This is commonly referred to as "post-coital tristesse," a temporary feeling of melancholy or sadness after sexual intercourse.

The Spiritual Perspective

Energy and Chakras

In some spiritual philosophies, sexual energy is closely tied to one's life force or chi. Practices like Tantra and certain Taoist beliefs preach ejaculation control as a way to preserve this life force.

Protecting Your Spiritual Energy

If you are concerned about the spiritual aspect of ejaculation, various techniques aim to safeguard your energy. From grounding exercises to rituals that seal your aura, these practices focus on maintaining your spiritual alignment.

Popular Myths

Semen Retention

The idea of semen retention, which suggests that withholding ejaculation can lead to higher energy levels, mental clarity, and spiritual enlightenment, is popular but not scientifically verified.

The Bottom Line

While the act of ejaculation does expend energy, the amount is minimal and should not affect your overall energy levels significantly. The belief that ejaculation drains energy is rooted more in spiritual and psychological ideas than scientific fact.


The notion that ejaculation results in significant energy loss is a complex topic with multiple perspectives. While physiological and psychological aspects tend to debunk the myth, spiritual beliefs offer a different viewpoint. As with many topics concerning the human body and mind, personal experience often serves as the best gauge.