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How Do You Put PDF on Amazon Kindle?

August 2022 | Ahson Raza

At The Lost Book Project, all of our hidden and lost books and texts will arrive to you in PDF format, many of our customers choose to upload their PDF books for reading onto their smartphone, laptop, kindle or tablet computer. In this article, we talk you through the steps of how to get a PDF onto your Amazon Kindle.

Want to read a PDF on a Kindle? The easiest way to send a PDF to your Kindle device is via email. Follow these steps.

How to read a PDF on a Kindle.

  1. Log in. Go online and log into your Amazon account through your PC. Go to Manage my devices and scroll down until you find your Kindle.
  2. Personal email. Each Kindle comes with its own email address so find yours now. This is where you are going to email your PDF.
  3. You’ve Got Mail. Create a new email with Convert as the subject line. Attach your PDF to this email and address it to your Kindle’s personal email.
  4. Download in progress. Amazon will automatically convert your PDF into a Kindle format. Give the Kindle time to update and download your PDF from its servers. Then you’ll be able to read a PDF on your Kindle.

Converting a PDF for a Kindle step by step.

PDFs can be added to your Kindle through a direct file transfer, by connecting it to your computer via a USB cable.

Drag the relevant file into Kindle > Documents and it should appear in your library. If you don’t have a USB cable, the best way to send a file to your Kindle is via email.

1. To do this you need to know your Kindle’s personal email address. Using a web browser, log into your Amazon account and navigate to Manage my devices. You should see the details of your Kindle, including the email address. 

2. Now switch to your email application and create a new email. Type or paste the Kindle’s email into the address window. Make sure you type Convert into the subject line. Now attach one or more PDF files.


3. Press send on your email. Your Kindle will receive it and automatically convert all the files contained within into a supported eBook format.

4. This won’t take long, but you may need to manually request that the Kindle downloads new books from the cloud. Your PDF should now show in your Library under Downloaded Items.