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What is The Lost Book Project?

August 2022 | Steve Travels

The idea behind The Lost Book Project is preserve, review and distribute ancient lost books, texts, material and knowledge. Focusing on esoteric subjects such as; Conspiracies, Occult, Witchcraft, Ancient Civilizations, Holistic Health, Spirituality and More!

We compiled hand-picked compilations of some of the rarest, best and most controversial books created by mankind. Some dating back 100's of years, all books sold are high quality scans of ancient books.

The Topics we cover range from Spirituality, Religion, Conspiracy, Esoteric, Holistic Health and Much More! We continue to expand our collections, always searching for lost texts, books and lost knowledge.

Our Collections are Sent out via Digital Download, available immediately for download upon order or can sent via International Post on a USB Storage Device.