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The Illuminati Conspiracy - Best Illuminati Books

March 2023 | Steve Travels

Are you looking for Illuminati books? In this blog post we explore some of the best books on the illuminati, books that explore and look into grand conspiracy theories about secret societies. We look at three books that have played a significant impact in exposing revealing the secrets of the Illuminati;

Lot - Book BLOODLINES of the ILLUMINATI by Fritz Springmeier
  1. Bloodlines of the Illuminati: Volume 1, 2 and 3 by Fritz Springmeier

These books explore the history and influence of the Illuminati, a secret society believed to have significant power and control over world events. Springmeier provides extensive research and evidence to support his claims, including information about the bloodlines and family connections of prominent figures in politics, business, and entertainment.

  1. Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse: Milton William Cooper: 9780929385228: Books

This book is an absolute conspiracy classic and has gained a cult following since its publication in 1991. Prior to the emergence of QAnon, false flag operations and figures like Alex Jones or David Icke, there existed Milton William Cooper. Cooper frequently boasted to his audience that "Behold a Pale Horse" was the highest-selling underground book ever. However, the book's actual reach goes beyond its sales figures. The book was regularly among the most shoplifted books in the United States. Even now, Barnes & Noble bookstores place BAPH behind their cashier's counters in order to minimize theft.

Cooper discusses a wide range of topics, including the JFK assassination, UFOs, government cover-ups, and the New World Order. His writing is engaging and thought-provoking. Behold a Pale Horse is a fascinating read for anyone interested in alternative views of history and current events.

  1. Codex Magica by Texe Marrs

The Codex Magica is an impressive work that offers a vast amount of information and revelations. With more than 1,000 authentic photos and illustrations, readers can observe the involvement of the world's prominent politicians and celebrities, including America's wealthiest and most influential individuals, in performing occult rituals. By deciphering their concealed signals and coded images, readers can gain a new perspective that may transform their understanding of the world.

Marrs presents a wealth of information and provides numerous examples of these symbols in use throughout history and in modern times. It offers fascinating glimpse into the world of secret societies.

Many books and articles on the topic have been hidden from public view. Sometimes, books are deemed too controversial or subversive, and those in power feared the spread of their ideas. But we've put together all a collection of Illuminati books, including the three above. Offering unique insights into the hidden world of secret societies, possible government cover-ups, and control over world events.